What exit do you take to get to the Visitors Center?

Exit 846 going East or Westbound.


What are your hours of operation?

We are open every day from 9am-5pm. In the summer from Memorial Day through Labor Day we are open every day from 9am-7pm. We are only closed for 5 major holidays including: New Year’s Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas.


Are you a state facility?

No, we are run by Jefferson County and we were built with a TxDot enhancement grant. This is why we are a Regional Visitors Center which represents the 9 counties around us as well. 


Who was Ben J. Rogers and why is the building named after him?

Mr. Rogers was a successful businessman, civic leader, and humanitarian, whose memory continues to be an inspiration. Champions for those in need, Mr. Rogers and his wife Julie reached out to literally thousands of individuals, helping to provide them with food, shelter, medical treatment, and education. The Visitors Center is a testament to him and the faith he had in the future of this region, the state of Texas and our great country.


Do you have parking for motor coaches or 18-wheelers?

Yes! We have an area for larger vehicles like motor coaches, 18-wheelers, motorhomes, or even if you’re pulling a trailer.


Can my bus group make a stop here?

Absolutely! Even if there are several busses in your group there is plenty of space. Please call us ahead of time so we can put you on our calendar. We want to make sure to have plenty of coffee for everyone on board! Call: 409-842-0500 or toll free 1-866-432-8951. If something comes up and you forget to call, no worries we’d still love to have you!


Do you allow overnight parking?

No, unfortunately we are not a 24-hour facility and we shut our gates after closing time.


What amenities do you offer?

We have complimentary hot coffee, and cold bottled water. If you prefer soda or snacks, we do have vending machines available. 


When did the Visitors Center open?

We opened in 2007 and since then we have given out information to more than 750,000 visitors from 105 countries! 


What info do you have available at the Visitors Center?

We have a little bit of everything here. Our regional guide which covers all of Jefferson County, state maps, info on museums, attractions, state parks, birding, brochures over the state of Texas and more. Feel free to ask a staff member for help so they can suggest lodging, restaurants, and anything else you may be interested in.


Is there a place we can take a break or have lunch here?

Yes, there are benches inside the lobby, as well as a theater with plenty of seats for your whole crew. Playing on the screen is a video showcasing different areas of our county. If you’d like to relax outside, we do have benches as well as a picnic table out back so you can take a break from the car and enjoy the breeze. So, sit down, relax, and stay a while!


Do you allow pets inside?

We only allow service animals inside the building. However, we do have a pet rest area outside for your four-legged friend. Just look for the dalmatian fire hydrant! 


Why do you have statues that say “Love”?

These 2 statues created by sculptor Dorit Levinstein were generously donated by Regina Rogers, daughter of Ben J. Rogers who the Visitors Center was named after. These whimsical statues she found reminded her of her fathers love for his community and wanted to reflect that here at the Visitors Center. 


What’s the “Beaumont” sign for?

This sign was put in by the Beaumont Convention and Visitors Bureau. When driving I-10 Eastbound you’ll see this brightly colored sign and know you’ve made it to Beaumont. So, make us your first stop when you arrive! This sign also doubles as a great photo opportunity because you can actually sit inside the letter ‘U’!


Why do you have statues for Veterans out front?

The “All Veterans Memorial” as well as the “Vietnam Veterans Memorial” were graciously donated by our local Vietnam Veterans Chapter 292. Year round at the Visitors Center we love to thank our Veterans who so bravely fought for our freedom. On Vietnam Veterans Day (March 29), and Veterans Day (November 11), an observance ceremony is held outside by the memorials for anyone who’d like to attend. We hope to see you there!

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to call our
toll-free number 1-866-432-8951 or email us at explore@jeffcotx.us

We’re always here to help. Our knowledgeable staff would love to help you with directions. Whenever you call be assured there will be someone real on the other end of the line. 

Safe travels!